Sometimes it pays to complain

On my last trip to Krakow, Poland I flew via Alitalia Airlines a Delta Airlines Sky Team partner. I am a Delta Airlines Gold Medallion Member, a status I earned from traveling to Krakow, Poland numerous times. I am usually treated pretty good by most of the airline reps, but on my last trip I did not have that luxury. I actually got yelled at for trying to board at a certain time.

Before boarding the gate attendant said, “We will board first Class along with Business Elite and all Medallion Members first in Zone 1.” Well being a Gold Medallion Member I assumed this meant me. They called Zone 1 and I walked over to the counter to start boarding the plane. The ticket agent yelled and said, “We are boarding Zone 1 go sit back down.” My reply was that the lady on the PA said Medallion Members board in Zone 1. To not cause problems, I listened and was boarded with Zone 3.

When I finally returned I emailed Delta Airlines to complain and was offered a Guest Pass ticket to the Crown Room Club. Only worth $25, but it will work.

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