Dead Grass

For over the past 4 years, my parents have been using Beauty Lawn for the yard and until recently we had the best lawn in the neighborhood. Not anymore. Beauty Lawn has made the same mistake they made on our yard a few years ago. The grass in our lawn is a fescue mix and from what Beauty Lawn has told us cannot have certain fertilizer used on it. They made this mistake a few years ago and it burned our grass completely. So bad that it made our yard look like a desert. Well, they did not learn from their mistakes because it has happened again. We went from the best yard in the neighborhood to the worst yard in 2 days.

To get our yard back to where it was it will take about 2 years for the grass to mature. It will also take a lot of work.

Below is a before and after picture of our grass. Actually the before is a picture of a section of grass that got spared from the death.

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