Take it with you.

Working for a big corporation you are usually restricted on what programs you can install on your computer. There are times when you need a program, but it is not on the corporate list of approved programs. I have read about this before, but never thought about it until it was requested that I remove a personal copy of a program. There is a push to make more programs portable. By portable, you can have the program/application on a USB Memory Stick since there are now some out there that have 8 gigabytes.

I found the Portable Apps the other day at Download Squad. The posting there mentioned Portable Web Browsers. Go HERE for a direct link to the posting.

Now all I need is portable Photoshop. You are probably asking, “Why do you need Photoshop at work?” Good question. I have actually used Photoshop to edit screen shots to get programmers to understand what needed to be done in the system and what it should look like.

Mentos Volcano

I know this is wasteful, but it looked like so much fun to do. You can go to Wikihow.com and see how to make your own Mentos Volcano. If you do it right, you can make a Diet Coke spew 10-15 feet in the air. Perfect to do if you are extremely bored or if you have kids you want to impress. Per Steve Spangler Science the record is 18 feet.

I did this a about a month ago and had the bottle spew 10-15 feet of Diet Coke. Most directions say you can do it in the bathroom, but I would not recommend that if you have short ceilings.

Photo from Steve Spangler Science

A New Want.

I posted on an earlier version of this product a few months ago. The new versions is sans wire, which to me is a great feature. You can keep the main video camera in your backpack or pocket and the lens on your bicycle helmet. The video camera I am talking about is the Samsung SC-X210WLXAA. Now all they need to do is come out with a full waterproof or full water resistant version.


No way! I am going to miss another concert. I have missed concerts that were in Poland by a few days because I was here in the states. Now I am going to miss a concert here in Memphis, TN because I will be in Krakow, Poland.

The concert will be Poison at the Mud Island Amphitheatre, Sat, Aug 26, 2006 07:00 PM.

Timing is everything.

I am so mad. I have been looking at purchasing stock for either PetCo or Petsmart. Well, today PetCo got bought out by an independent company. If I would have purchased yesterday, I would have made and easy $200+ dollars.

I believe that the Pet industry is going to be booming as more and more people are treating their pets like their children. Oh well, I guess I need to not wait any long when the thought pops into my mind.

Crazy Fans

I am all for spectators being as close to the Pro athletes, as I hope to be able to go to the France one day to see the Tour de France live. I would enjoy being one of the Crazy Fans, but I know that their needs to be some self restraint.

This year there have been a few incidents. The most recent one happening to Paolo Savoldelli of the Discovery Team. “The double Giro d’Italia champion stepped off his bike after 43 kms. The Discovery Channel rider was hit on the head by a spectator on Thursday and had to get stitched up by the Tour’s medical staff overnight.”

There was even another incident in the first few stage where someone crashed due to a fan dropping their camera phone causing the rider to crash.

And if you followed Lance Armstrong’s’ career, you know he was knocked off the bicycle by a fan by getting caught in the strap to the fans bag on an attack against Jan Ullrich.

So, do they need to monitor the Tour de France more to ensure the safety of the participants. My answer on this is yes. If I were in the Tour or any major race, I would not want to be knocked down off the bike by a fan causing me to drop out of the biggest bike race of the year. Now, I am not saying clear the road completely, but at least give the riders 10 feet of clearance from spectators.

Quote found at Yahoo.com

Memphis deeper in the red

For those familiar with Memphis and its terrible business decisions, get ready to add one more to the list. If the deal Memphis made with the Fed Ex Forum wasn’t bad enough. Memphis is now proposing a Riverfront Project. This would not be a bad idea if Memphis wasn’t already in the hole with many of its Landmarks, such as Memphis Pyramid (check out the even listing), Mid-South Coliseum, Libertyland and I am guessing that there are many, many more that I missed.

The Memphis Pyramid probably has not had an event in who knows how long due to the deal that Slick Willie made with the people from the Fed Ex Forum and signed a non-compete agreement. Now the city is losing millions of Benjamins a year. Way to go Slick Willie.

The Mid-South Coliseum has been around and is a Memphis landmark, but has it made Memphis any cash in the past 10 years. This landmark needs to be either be torn down or the area around it needs to be re-vamped and the Mid-South Coliseum needs to be turned into some sort of Museum.

Libertyland was great 20 years ago when all the rides were new, but it has not had a new ride in a long time. This lost so much money, it has been closed and is having an auction for all its rides. Memphis needed to clean up the whole area and that would have helped Libertyland and Mid-South Coliseum. Next on the list of Memphis disaster will probably be Liberty Bowl.

The new proposal will cost millions and re-vamp the millions already spent years ago on the Memphis Riverfront. Go to Beale Street Landing Project and see what next failure will pull Memphis deeper into debt.

I hope for Memphis’ sake it does succeed and we get out of the red and our ROI actually gets to where we need it to be. If Slick Willie was in charge of a major corporation, he would have been booted years ago.