Jeep Wave

I have always wondered why people in other Jeeps wave at me. Yes, I have a Jeep Wrangler, but does that mean I have to wave? What if I opt not to waive. Will I get chased down like Tony Roy did when he had his Jeep for not waiving back?

Well, I did a search on Google and found Jeep Talk, which has the definition of the Jeep Wave, the General Rules, and Jeep Waving hierarchy. Who would have thought that someone had this much time to come up with rules for waiving at another Jeep.

Based on the rules, someone with a higher score does not have to waive back to someone with a lower score.

One Response

  1. I know this an old blog entry, but we figured we’d weigh in. That scoring system is bunk. If you have a Wrangler, any year or body style, you HAVE to wave. Otherwise, you clearly don’t understand that “Jeep Thing” that everyone is talking about.

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