Another caricature

I figured I would try and have another caricature while here in Krakow, Poland with my glasses on this time. This was done by the same guy that did the caricature the last time I was here in Krakow, Poland. Do see the previous photo go here.

Finally here in Krakow, Poland

I left Memphis, TN on Friday May 12 via NWA to Amsterdam. Everything was great, I arrived my 2 hours early for International Flights. I hopped on the plane and got situated then 2 minutes later she sat down.

She had on some blue jean capris and a baggy sweatshirt and reeked like a rubbish fire in Mississippi. I thought I was going to die from the smell, but luckily I got accustomed to the odor, that is if you can get accustomed to that. Right before take off my friendly neighbor said she was a smoker and was dreading the long flight, as if I could not tell. Next she grabbed her purse and took a swig out of her silver flask of what must have been pure grain alcohol. I truly thought she was going to explode from the mixture. After that everything seemed ok, that is until I tried to go to sleep.

After getting my ear plugs, eye mask, and neck pillow out I tried to sleep for a few hours. Do you think she would let me? No she didn’t. She must have been jonesing (sp) for a cigarette, because she tossed and turned all over the place and crossed the line numerous times. By crossing the line, she was crossing over into my side of the seat. I let it slide a few times, but after that I had to pull out the peoples elbow. Every time she crossed over, the people elbow put the smack down on what ever part of her crossed the line. After getting smacked down a few times she stopped crossing the line and I was able to get some sleep.

We then arrived in Amsterdam 45 minutes late because the plane was to heavy. Reason for being late was that the plane had to flight around at lower altitudes to burn some fuel. After landing I proceeded to run to the gate to try and catch the next plane. I arrived at the gate and the gate attendant would not let me board the bus even though it was behind her. We has to change our flight to go to Franfurt instead of Munich. Everything from then went well. We flew from Amsterdam to Frankfurt to Krakow. I arrived at Krakow almost 24 hours after leaving Memphis and walked to the baggage claim to find that my luggage did not arrive. I had to go to the lost luggage office and describe my luggage. Luckily, it arrived around midnight and was deliver to my hotel.

Weather to expect In Krakow, Poland

As always, prior to packing I like to check the weather before leaving to Krakow, Poland or anywhere else for that matter. Well, it looks like I am leaving rain in Memphis, TN for more rain in Krakow, Poland. Below is a shot of the weather I will be encountering in Krakow found at I guess I need to make sure I have my rain jacket and umbrella. At least I can be glad that it is not cold and wet.

Mail Call.

Postcard time again. If you would like a postcard from Krakow, Poland post a comment with you name and address. I will do my best to send you a postcard. If I have no idea who you are, you might not get a postcard.

Since all comments are monitored you can post your address without a fear of everyone seeing it.

McDonald Bucks

McDonalds is changing. Nope, they are not changing the food, but the interior of the restaurant. They plan on adding a Starbucks type atmosphere with comfy couches, Wi-Fi and a hip-hop look. You can read more about it at Business Week. I think this change would be perfect for Mickey D’s, now if they could only make their menus healthier.

Daughtry Gone!

I am not much of an American Idol fan, but I have been watching it on and off the past few weeks. I watched Tuesday nights performance and thought Chris Daughtry was better than the other contestants, especially better than Katharine McPhee. I think Katherine should have been booted since she clearly messed up on of the songs she was singing and forgot some of the words. Everyone was shocked by the vote, especially Daughtry as you can tell by the photo below. My guess is that Daughtry will do good either way since he has such a large fan following.

Let’s make the obesity problem worse.

I read this article at where there is a company that allows you to turn your bicycle into a moped. Isn’t a bicycle supposed to be use to burn off fat instead of letting you gain it. The wheel actually holds 23 cc engine that can get you 20mph and your water bottle holds the fuel.

RevoPower is the company that came up with this product, claims that there idea is for thise that use the bicycle to commute.

A movie about how it works can be found here.