Silk Sheets

I am one of those people that needs it to be cold to sleep really good. So cold that I do not even turn the heat on until the temperature hits below 60 degrees F/16 degrees C. I know that is very cold, but I believe that you can always put more clothes and blankets on if you are cold.

Well, I did not have that problem at all in Krakow, Poland on my trips. It always seems to be too warm for me. So warm that I would wake up sweating in the middle of the night. I tried sleeping without covers, but I am one of those people that has to have sheets over them.

So, I did my research and found a product called Cocoon Travel Sheets and it did the job for me. I used the Cocoon Silk Travel Sheet and I did not wake up sweating once. At $50, it was kind of high, but it was well worth the good nights sleep in Krakow, Poland. I truly recommend this product if you are traveling to somewhere they do not use air conditioning as a norm. I believe I will even use this for whenever I go to Peru.

Cocoon Silk Travel Sheet

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Lost again…

Well, I am back here in Memphis, TN, but this time I am one bag short. It seems that my bag was never placed on the plane in Krakow, Poland. So far, I have flown NWA 2 times and have lost my baggage 2 times. It seems that there odds are not that great.

Good news is that the bags arrived last night via United Airlines. Bad part is that if I just had not been at the airport to check on my bags I probably would not have seen them for a week or 2, at least that is what the NWA rep told me. She stated that United does not care about other airlines lost luggage.

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Protester in Krakow, Poland

While walking through the streets of Krakow, Poland I saw a group of student protesters walking around the Main Square on May 19th, 2006. I am not sure what they were protesting as I could not speak Polish. I did try to get in front of them to take a photo of their signs, but I was not fast enough. Good thing I was able to locate another silent protester about to get busted by the PoPo, and that is not “Popo Zao” by K Fed.

This rough looking dude was standing of to the side of St. Mary’s Church with a end of the world type sign on him. I was not able to read the sign, but I did snap a few shots of it. So if you know Polish please go to and click on the protester photos and let me know what it actually says and post it on the comments to this post . The end result is that the cops let him go with a warning and was able to take his sign with him. Below is a photo or two as a teaser.


I am not sure if you saw a picture of this guy in a post from my last trip to Krakow, Poland in April. I saw him again, but this time I saw him without his hat and he had a nice little mohawk. He was located on the side entrance of the Cloth Hall in the Main Square.

Postcards on the way

If you requested a postcard or were on my list of postcards recipients I just wanted to let you know that I mailed them out at 7:20 Polish time today on May 16th. I sent over 25 postcards. I am guessing that they will take about a week to arrive.

Lost luggage

Lost luggage must cost airlines millions, as my bags were delivered to me via taxi and all lost baggage offices need to have at least one person working there whenever flights are arriving. Costing the airlines about $20-$50 and the average lost baggage officer must get paid at least $10-15 an hour probably making my lost luggage cost the airline $50. Multiply this by the millions of bags lost yearly and there is the money the airlines a losing a year. Airlines needs better baggage handling logistics which will help solve this problem, make customer happier, and avoid going bankrupt if they solved this problem.

Hopefully for all of us they will try to come up with a solution.

If anyone can find this CD, let me know

I have been looking for the below CD and have not been able to find it. I am only able to find the bands other 2 albums. I am not posting the name of the band as to not get blocked from work websites. If anyone can find this CD let me know. Tony Roy requested the CD and I offered to bring it back state side, that is if I find it.

If I am reading this event calendar correct, I might actually be in Krakow, Poland when the concert is taking place. Maybe I will go.