Postcards have been purchased and will hopefully be sent out on Tuesday as Monday is a holiday here in Krakow, Poland.

Favorite photos

Here are 2 of my favorite photos from this weekend. The is an old bicycle at the entrance to a restaurant that has been converted into a flower pot holder. The other is a photo of 2 Fiat Polkas right next to each other.

Krakow Lajkonik

I am a sucker for tourist fotos, especially with someone on the streets. Below is a photo of me and the Krakow Lajkonik. The story says that if the guy touches you with his spiked club, it will bring you happiness and prosperity.

Information on the Krakow Lajkonik


While walking around Krakow, Poland I saw a few event posters for Prodigy. I got all excited, until I noticed that date. The concert is on May 2nd, and I will not be in Krakow at the time. I will actually miss the concert by 2 weeks.

Now, I will start looking to see what concerts are playing in advance to see if I can get lucky and catch a good concert while I am here in Krakow.

Polish Tradition

For those that know me, you know that I have been to Krakow, Poland a few times and with more than likely be returning many more times for business. While here I have found that there are many tradiotions that we do not have in the USA. One of takes place on the Saturday before Easter.

Saturday Morning while taking my Communist Tour I saw men, women, and children carrying baskets to the nearest church. At first, I thought that this was an offering that people were giving to the church, but I was wrong. People have food that they will be eating for Easter, not the entire meal but parts. Some of the thing in the baskets are cheese, ham, bread, and other things. They actually have this food blessed. Below is a photo or 2 of the priest blessing the food.

Cold War is over

This am I was picked up in a Communist Trabant by Communist Tours . It is a car that was made mostly out of plastic and had a 600cc engine. The tour started by taking me to a traditional Commnist Restaurant that has not changed since the 5o’s. There my tour guide Bartek explained what all we would be seeing on our tour.

We walked me around Nova Huta, which was a huge community that was built by the communist. Nova Huta means New Steel Mill, and as you can guess by the name people that lived in Nova Huta also worked in the steel mill.

He then proceeded to take me to an old apartment that is still furnished with furniture from the 50’s in the communist style. Photos of this can be found at My flickr Photos.

Other places he took me were the Arka Dana or what is called the Lords Arc which is the first church of Nowa Huta. He also took me to the Mogila Monestary where there is a church built from wood from over 500 years ago. And the last spot on the tour was the Kopiec Kraka Mound where I was able to see all of Krakow, Poland.

The 3rd Misteria Paschalia Festival

Tonight after eating at Da Pietro Restaurant we walked to the Main Square to see what all was going on there. As we walked up we saw tons of people and then the music started. We actually got lucky and were able to catch what we call “Stages of the Cross”. There was an orchestra and everything. It was almost like a concert.

We did not hang out there the entire time as it was kind of chilly and I had woken up that day with a sore throat. We might catch some of the other parts to the festival on Sunday or Monday.