A little behind

I have a few days to post from my trip to Krakow and will try to post them this weekend as I am back in Memphis, TN. I arrived yesterday after over 14 hours of flight time. I will probably be adding about 6-8 postings, all back dated to try and keep it real.

I was able to get a good number of postcards out and if I didn’t catch you this time, don’t worry as I will be back in Krakow, Poland in 3-4 weeks and will try to send some more out then.

Krakow, Poland is a great city and I enjoy visiting there, even if it is for work, but I am glad to be home.

It’s a boy.

On my previous post, I mentioned that my sister and her husband will be having a boy. I got permission from them to post the photo of the ultrasound. Here is a photo of the baby.

Avian Flu

Ok, so not really the avian flu. I actually woke up on Monday on April 23rd with a sore throat and coughing like crazy. First 2 days, Halls did the job. The 3rd day, I needed something stronger and a local gave me a list of a few things to try pictured below at the local pharmacy. I still have a slight cough but lots better.

Paese Restaurant

Tonight we went to the Paese Restaurant in Krakow, Poland. This is a small little Corsican place. The food is actually very good. Price is moderate. I ate the onion soup, cucumber salad, pork tenderloin, and pears with vanilla sauce. I would rate this place about 4 stars.

It is official.

It is official, I am going to be an uncle. My sister and her husband will be having a baby boy. Date to be disclosed at a later time. I will say that there are still many months to go. If I get permission I will post the Ultasound photos.

Someplace Else

Yesterday we went to a Krakow, Poland establishement located near the Wawel Castle inside the Sheraton Hotel called Someplace Else. It is probably the most American type of restaurant in Krakow, Poland besides McDonalds. The food is actually pretty good. I do feel that there chips and salsa need some better chips. Prices are very moderate and I rate this place 4 stars.

Smingus Dyngus

Monday here in Krakow, Poland is a special day called Smingus Dyngus or Wet Monday in English. From what I have heard, Monday is a day of celebration and you will see many walking or running around trying to get people wet. People will spray people with water and per some people this is a sign of good luck.

Below is a photo of something people might use to get others wet. And yes, my egg is fully loaded and ready to squirt back. I also hear that kids will even pour a bucket of water of an old lady, so no one is safe. I will let you know how crazy the day goes and how wet I actually get.