Arlecchino Ristorante

Tonight we went to Arlecchino Ristorante, a small Italian restaurant in Krakow, Poland. I ordered the chiken salad, Spaghetti Carbonara and French fries. Yes, I said French fries and they almost taste like McDonalds Fries. The food was pretty good. I did not have dessert since I was stuffed. I would actually give the restaurant 3.5 -4 stars. The service was excellent and price was moderate.

Flight Over

If you were not aware, I am now spending my 3rd trip here in Krakow, Poland. All in all the flight was not that bad. I started in Memphis, TN to ATL where I actually met up with my parents who were on there return trip from San Diego. I sat with them for a bit and then hopped on Alitalia Flight to Milan for a 9 hour flight. Got stuck in Milan for about 6 hours to where I finally made my way to Krakow. Milan is not a bad airport, especially when compared to Paris. But do plan on getting delayed for about 1-2 hours especially if it is a busy day so plan ahead. They had over 9 flights arrive at the same time mine arrived.

I was able to get some sleep with the help of my earplugs, neck pillow and eye mask. Of course, this is spring break time and the plane was full of high school kids that woke me up from time to time with the loud outbreaks, even with the earplugs. Next I will have to try the noise canceling headphones.


Last time I was in Krakow, Poland I sent out some postcards. If I actually have time to find some postcards, I will more than likely send some out again. Not a guarantee, but I will try.

If I actually know you and you are not some random person out there post a comment with your information. Don’t worry your address will not be posted, just the message as all messages are moderated.

If you want you can email me


I found the test at Yahoo News . But what made me look at this was the article stating that the government will allow industries to slack a little on the pollution limits. Go to Yahoo News for the full article.

Check to see how bad your neighborhood is compared to the average. Go to the Associated Press Web Page to see your score. My score can be found below.


The worst part about traveling is the packing. This will make trip number 3 to Krakow, Poland and the packing isn’t getting easier. True it will be easier this time because I will not need to bring the thick winter gear, but it is still a chore. I need to see if I can just leave some clothes in Poland for the future trips that I have planned.

Of course, the packing is good practice. So far, I have packed less and less each time I go. Below are some of the basic items I take with me.

My basic attire for work consist of taking 3-4 pairs of khaki pants, 2 blue button downs and 2 white button downs and get them cleaned in the hotel.

My basic attire for play consist of a pair of jeans and a few short and long sleeve t-shirts. I will be trying my Mountain Hardwear Convertible Pants to see if it work for this type of trip. If it does, I will be getting myself a another pair or two.

I tried the Universal Packing List. It is not a bad tool, but way more than I plan on taking.

If you have any suggestions on packing for 2 weeks to Krakow, Poland let me know. I will try anything.

Orange County

If you have seen the show on the Discovery Channel you recognize the people in the photo from Orange County Choppers the Teutuls.

Done with Photoshop.

Clean Shaven

If you have seen me recently, you know that I had a pretty mean goatee. This is probably the thickest goatee I have ever had. I think it was even thicker than the thickest beard I had a long time ago. Tony Roy will remember what I am taking about.

Here are a few shots of the facial hair. Pictured in the following order:
Full Goatee, Handlebar, and the old Moustache.