Stanky Ride

Ryan and I rode a lap of the Stanky Creek Trail today after not being on the bike for quite a while. It was a nice one hour and 10 minutes. Great ride and glad to have been on the bike. I did feel the burn a little in my legs and will probably wake up Sunday Saddle Sore.

Stanky Creek was in great condition and all creek crossing has bridges. Thanks to MSTA . I hope they keep up the good work. I look forward to riding Herb Parsons and seeing all the improvements made by MSTA.

The Skyway

Here is an event I would definately start training for just to be able to say that I did it. The first of its kind took place on February 8th in St. Paul, Minnesota. It is actually a bicycle reace that takes place in the St. Paul Skyways.

At first, I thought this was a hoax when I saw it posted at MSTA, but actually found more information at Minnesota Off Road Cyclist and some video at WCCO-TV .

If anyone is interested, we need to start doing some research on when it will be held next year and finding a way to enter the race/ride.

Stanky Ride

I am looking forward to tomorrow. I will actually be riding my mountian bike after being off it for a long, long time. Ryan and I will be hitting the Stanky Creek Trail in the am. I need to prepare and get those tires and shox aired up.

Here is what I will be riding.

His page was last updated on December 1, 2004 and many probably check it to see if he has updated it.

I actually emailed him asking, “why don’t you use Blogger or some other blog type company?” No major html needed except for the template design. It is easier to post changes daily even hourly, as you can see at Zack Perry who uses

Hopefully, this will get him to update his page more regularly. Using the services above even allow you to update your blog via email or cell. So even the busiest person can post an update more regularly than once every two years.

Here is a mock up of what his site would look like on blogger. It can be found Tony Roy on Blogger .