I found this at engadget and I have got to get this or at least something similar. It is a new Digital Camera by Samsung which comes with an external camera lens. The SC-X205L can be found at Samsung.

The SC-X205L would be great for trail riding in Moab or any trail for that matter. This would even be cool to use when I rent/buy that bicycle cruiser in Krakow, Poland. I could even video my bicycle ride around the Planty.

If you know of any better alternatives to this camera, let me know.

Throw me a roll.

If you have ever been to Lambert’s, you know all about their “throwed rolls”. These rolls are great. The other day, I was craving a “Throwed Roll” and looked the recipe up on the internet. I found a recipe at Recipe Zaar and figured I would give it a try.

The rolls seemed to be easy to make, but were not as big, fluffy and buttery as the ones made at Lambert’s . Mine turned out to be small and soft, but did not have the same flavor. I will give it another try soon. I took some pics of the rolls and will post those on here later.

Another good ride

Ride #3 for the year. Feeling better now that I have 3 rides under my belt. Stanky was not that bad even though it rained its arse off the other day. The usual places were wet, but it was not that muddy at all. Ryan and I did one lap. Great Ride.

Pimp my shoes

I saw these at Of course, it was about time someone came out with this product. So the company that brought you the spinner shoes came out with an MP3 Player shoe. My guess is that Tony Roy wishes these were bicycle shoes.

More details can be found at Dada Shoes.

Get out of my way.

After having 3 people cut me off yesterday, I purchased what I have been putting off for a while. There seems to be that a good number of Memphis Drivers that have no driving etiquette. You have the usual person crossing three lanes of traffic to get to the turning lane going 2 mph.

My horn doesn’t seem to be doing the job, because they seem to not be able to hear my weak Jeep Horn. So, I purchased the Hella Twin Supertone Horn, which is 118 dB.

If they can’t hear me now, they don’t need to be on the road.

Stanky Radiator

Ok, my radiator is not Stanky. Today I took the day off to take my Jeep to Bartlett Tire to get my leaky radiator fixed for a second time this week (they didn’t have the parts on Saturday). I figured, since I am out in the Bartlett Area, I need to take the mountain bike out and do a lap at Stanky Creek. I rode the White and Yellow Trail and rode for about one hour and 10 minutes. Not bad for the second time on the bike this year. A litle saddle sore, but I felt really good after the ride. After the ride, I picked up the Jeep and headed home.


If you have an SUV, please learn to park it in the first try. If you can’t park in the first try, park far away from all the other cars. Today, I was at the New Collierville Mall and SUV had to back in and out five times just to get into the parking spot. You should have to pass a parking test before even buying an SUV.