Poland Bound 2.0

On my way to Krakow, Poland. I was able to get the seat I wanted, so hopefully the long flight will not be as bad as the last time. I am hoping to be able to get some sleep on the plane.

Actually, posting from the airport at the moment. Got here a little too early. Bad part is the $9.99 to connect to the Sprint Wireless Network for 24 hours. You would thing that the price would be a little cheaper. My guess is that more people would use this service if it was a little cheaper. $5 bucks would seem to be a more appropriate fee or even free wireless access would be better.

Have a good weekend.

Polish Flavor

While in Krakow, Poland I tried a few things here and there, but actually came back craving one of them. Sitting in the office, one of my Polish coworkers handed out some snacks. The snacks were cookies with a layer of chocolate and jam. There are called Delicje and are made by a company called E.Wedel. I brought a few bags back, but they did not last long. The problem then was trying to find a place that actually sold them here in the states.

I started by going to the companies main we page E. Wedel , but it seems like their web page is under construction. After looking up E. Wedel and Delicje on Google.com I was able to find a few places that sell it over the web. The company I chose that sells these tasty treats is Parthenon Foods.

Order some and give them a try. My favorite ones are posted above.

First Class…

Price of stamps up once more by 2 cents. I guess that means I will get less junk mail for the next couple of months.

The official scoop can be found at the USPS website : First Class Stamp