Published, not quite

Lately, I have been helping my pops with some Powerpoint Presentations. Each presentaion has had over 140 slides, which were mostly images that needed to be edited. Most of the information from these presentaions will go in his next book. I have edited images and made flow charts that will be used in his next book.

His previous book can be found under the title: Clinical Evaluation and Diagnostic Tests for Neuromuscular Disorders. I helped a little with this book by improving some images.

MEM International Airport

As if the Memphis International Airport wasn’t bad enough already. They are doing so much construction on the entrance and exit that traffic is backed up. And if you are dropping or picking anyone up and have to loop drive around because the people you are picking up are not there yet. Get ready for a longer drive. You now have to drive all the way to Winchester and re-enter the airport.

Hopefully, this will be completed prior to the holiday travel season.

Command Donald Trump

Command Donald Trump to do what you want him to do. Of course, you will have to hear him advertise numerous products from Pepsi to Lays Potato Chips.

Command Trump to do your bidding

Ask him to:
pick his nose
do some karate

Southwest in Memphis?

Is the rumor true? Will Southwest Airlines now have a hub here in Memphis? Can anyone verify if this is true or not?

If it is true, it should make traveling to Colorado and Utah alot more cost effective and we can finally have more direct flights.

Let me know by responding under the comments section.

My Wish List

My family has already started asking me what I want for Christmas. If you look to the left, you will find a list labeled “What I want for Xmas”. I will be adding things daily. Some of the items are truly “Wish List” type items. I am sure you can guess which items those are based on the prices.

Passwords and Security

I just received an RSA Security Token for a work laptop and it made me
remember that E*trade is now offering them to access your account.

E*trade is offering a Token for accounts that have lots of activity,
which mine does not. I am guessing that this will be a feature more banks
and credit card companies will resort to to offer better security to their
customers. One problem I see is what if everyone goes to this, you
could have one keychain with lots of RSA Security Tokens. Will there be a
way to consolidate them and only have to have one RSA Security Token?

That reminds me of a cool item I saw that saves all your passwords and encrypts them for you. No more worrying about forgetting a password. It is called the Mandylion Password Manager. Hopefully there will be a more cost effective one in the near future.

Something Perry wishes he could grow.

A few months ago Zack Perry attemted to grow a moustache. I think he gave up after the stuble didn’t produce.