Poland Bound

Well, I am Poland bound. I am on my way to Krakow, Poland to help with the go live for 1st wave of customer service replacements. Be sure to keep an eye open for updates. Here are some things I plan on doing when there.

Sunday November 27th, I plan on going to Auschwitz. I was told if I were to go to Poland, it is something you need to go to.

December 3rd, 4th and 5th, I plan on going to Warsaw and visit with the Peruvian ambassador (pops old school chum).

Everything in between will be spent working nights and touring the city during the day. Lots of pics to be posted along with any stories.

If you have any suggestions on what I should see while in Krakow, please comment.

Nano Otterbox Case

The ipod Nano Otterbox is finally available. I have place my order and it should be here when I return from Krakow, Poland. I look forward to the Otterbox as it is waterproof and crush proof. It seems to be the best case out there for the Nano that I could find. I will be sure to post what it is like and how it works when it arrives. I took it off my Christmas wish list as I have found that with apple stuff, if you don’t jump on it when it comes out it will be on backorder for a while.

Time to fry the Bird

It is that time of year to start getting prepared to fry that bird or in this case bird. This year I am not only frying a Turkey, but am also frying a Duck. I figured that I usually only use the fryer once a year and I need to take full advantage of it. I will be posting the recipe I will be using and photos of the process.

Dang wires

My wireless router just died and I actually had to be restricted to the computer desk. I called tech support and it sounded like they were in India. They made me do a handful of canned steps. You could tell they were reading it word for word. After finding out that the router died, I went an got myself a new one. Below is a snapshot I my replacement router from Linksys. It is supposed to be faster than what I had and also have a wider range. So instead of sitting by my pool I can now sit by my neighbors pool if I wanted to that is.

Google Analytics

Sean Hudson posted on this a few days ago and I figured I would give it a shot. I am talking about Google Analytics Site Tracker. It is very cool. This was once a pay service, but Google bought them and now it is free. It is so much better than other site trackers and has many, many more options.

Below is just an example of what you can do with it. To set up your own free account go to Google Analytics. It shows you where your visitors are coming from geographically. You can even narrow it down by city or service provider.

Is there a Sexual Offender in your neighborhood?

Is there a Sexual Offender in your neighborhood? Well, there is in my neighborhood. There is actually one across the street from my house. The only way I found out is because another neighbor stuck a print out on my door. This would explain why a good percentage of houses with children are for sale in my neighborhood. The print out was actually from Family Watchdog. I would post the details, but I don’t want to get into any trouble legally.

If you know where I live, you can figure it out for yourself. Check to see if there is a Sexual Offender in your neighborhood. There are actually 155 in the Memphis Area.

Go to Family Watchdog

Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done about it per the website below:

Should I confront someone on your list? Can I make them move?
No. Harassing anyone on the offender registry is a misdemeanors and can be punished by both a fine and jail time. The purpose of this service is to allow you to identify sexual predators that you may come in contact with, not as a tool to hunt them down and run them out.

ipod Bicycle Mounts

Just got off the phone with Tony Roy and as you can guess by the title, he is looking for an ipod bicycle mount.

Tony mentioned that he retro fitted a Niterider bicycle mount and glued it to a special ipod case. He also mentioned that Niterider needs to make ipod bicycle mounts.

Maybe more companies will start to making ipod bicycle mounts. Below are some links to ipod bicycle mounts that some companies have already tried to make.

Bicycle Mount Links
Marware Bike Holder
Marware Mobility Pack
Ram ipod
Risse Racing