Salt and Pepper

Another good day here in Krakow,Poland. Woke up at 8 am to catch a bus to Wieliczka Salt Mine while it snowed. Arrived at the Salt Mine about 30 minutes later and purchased a ticket for the tour. The tour at 9 on the dot and took us down 380 steps under ground. The walls, floor and even some stairs were made out of salt. The first thing we saw was a statue of Copernicus made out of salt. We then proceeded to go deeper into the earth via the Skala Chamber, which is a spiraling chamber. From there we went to St.Kinga’s Chapel, which is an underground Chapel that is huge. Statue and paintings on the wall are carved from Salt. There are Statues depicting “THE” Jesus (or at least that is what the tour guide called him. Thee was also a huge statue of John Paul II. From there we went even deeper to the Drodowize Chamber, a chamber that was constructed by carpenters in the salt mine that has a huge dance floor where dances and festivals were held. We then headed to the Stanislaw Staszic Chamber. From there we walk even further underground to make our way to the elevator shaft to take us back up to ground level. The actual elevator was not much taller than me and 6 feet in length and 3 feet wide.

I have some photos at My Photos . I have not had a chance to edit any of the photos or give an descriptions. I will try to do that on Wednesday.

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