Tulio to the Rescue

On the way home today I saw some people (about 5) in front of the Dollar Store on Hickory Hill. I noticed people looking under the car a grabbing. After looking further I noticed that there were actually trying to pull a dog out from under the car. Trying to see if I could be of some assistance, I made a U-turn and headed on over to the dog in distress. Luckily it happened across the street from the Hickory Hill Vet. From what the people before me were telling me, the dog was actually running around on Hickory Hill and hid under a car that was getting ready to pull out of the Dollar Store. She was a nice lady and stopped to see if she could help. The dog was a mini doberman pincher that either recently had puppies or was soon to be. Using leashes and a old cigarette sign we coaxed the dog , while getting snapped at by the mini pooch to the back of the vehicle. The vets assistant was able to put the special noose around the dog after about 20-30 minutes. The 2 vets assistants mentioned that they would take care of the pooch and try to locate the owner since it has a flea collar. They assumed that it had to be someone in the apartment complexes close to the area it was found.

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