I got a hole in my pocket…..

After listening to various rumors regarding gas prices and gas availability in the near future. I took my car which was running on fumes to the closest and cheapest gas station. I glanced in the distance and saw a sign that said $2.79. I figured that this is the cheapest I would find as rumors were floating around that gas was $3.09 in some places. I pulled up the pump and here is what I saw.

While pumping my $2.89 gas instead of my $2.79 gas I noticed the pump across the parking lot. Looks like gas at this location was not going to last long, especially since there was cars waiting behind me and probably the same at each pump.

A little more and I would not have gotten any more change from the Grant Bill. Grant would be rolling over in his grave at gas prices like this. This is the most I have ever paid for Gas. It even beat Perry’s all time high he reached last week.

When will something be done to make us less dependable on fossil fuels? Why don’t we use technology independent people are using to get better gas mileage on their cars? One made modified his Suburban to get over 250 miles per gallon. Yes, a suburban at 250 miles a gallon. If independent people can do it, why don’t the car manufacturers start doing this? My guess is that by the time something is really done, gas prices will be near 5 bucks.

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