Evacuate, why when I can’t even move?

Like everyone else, I am keeping up with the Katrina and the evacuation taking place or should I say not taking place or taking place very slowly.

This made me dive into some history from grade school. If I recall correctly, Eisenhower was trying to get the National Interstate and Defense Highway implemented to help the military travel and to evacuate people in our country in case of emergency/war. He got what he needed back when there were 10-20% the amount of cars we have today. Back then a disaster like Katrina would not have traffic at a stand still.

Is the interstate system adequate to evacuate people in the course of a natural disaster? I think not, especially if you are keeping up with the Katrina News. A better plan needs to be put in place to help people evacuate in the case of a Natural Disaster like Katrina.

Why doesn’t the government open up all lanes, including north bound lanes and emergency lanes to help move this traffic? There are stories online about people running out of gas waiting for traffic to move. So are you more at risk in your home or your in your car.


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