….so take of all your clothes.

It has been extremely hot in Memphis, TN for the past 2-3 weeks and no rain to boot. Is there a way to stop global warming to cool a brother off?

Ever wonder why the Wal-mart, K-Roger, Target and other parking lots seem to be about 10 degrees hotter that anywhere else. I wonder if parking lots owners started placing High Oxygen Producing Trees every 50-100 feet would the temperature start going down. This has got to cool down the parking lots a little. My guess is that there are more than a million parking lots in the USA along. Place a tree every 50-100 feet away at each one would total about 40+ trees per lot. That would be over 40 million trees planted.
Ok, the reality of it is that store owners don’t want to lose a spot for a tree when a customer could park there. So what, they can walk. Not everyone needs to be near the entrance.
The government could also plant more trees along highways. Does the patch of land that goes between the highway have to be sans trees. I am guessing not. The government could plant 100 trees per mile. Multiply that my the number of miles in the USA. My guess is that there would be a hell of a lot of trees planted. Even if I guess that there are 35,000 miles of highway in the USA, that would equal about 3,500,000 millions trees planted in the USA along out higheways.
Reality to this is that our taxes would go up to pay for the trees but the environment would be so much better.
So, if you add up both of my scenarios and add a few million to cover anything missed there would be over 50 million trees planted. My guess is that 50 million trees would help with the global warming problem.
Tree Facts:

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