Ladder Golf, BlongoBall, Balls in a Twist, Monkey Bar Golf

This game is pretty cool. Like horseshoes, bocce, washers, and the banned in the USA Lawn Darts.

You can either make the game or buy it online. Even thought there are different rules per versions.

I made my own version. Did not see the point in spending $40-50 bucks for PVC pipes and golf balls on a rope. Picture to be posted later.

If you know of any other versions, let me know.

Email me and I can make it for you for a small fee.

Learn to build.


One Response

  1. Hey Tulio… It’s Chip. Poking around the interwebs, I found your blog. And then all the other Memphis cyclist’s blogs. Small world, eh?

    Oh, Balls In A Twist is by far the best name for the game. =)

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